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Your business faces security risks daily, but there’s only so much time and money small businesses can realistically spend to defeat them. When you work with Fusion Factor Corporation’s security experts, you get an entire team dedicated to identifying and blocking every conceivable cyber threat, so you can focus on making more money.

Many San Diego Cybersecurity firms notify you after you have already been compromised. With Fusion Factor, you get access to our network security operations center 24*7 to promptly detect and respond to any malicious attacks on your business.

Our advanced cybersecurity services include data loss prevention, encryption, multi-factor authentication, tagging, and analytics to ensure that the data and IT assets are secure all the time, whether it’s stored in the cloud or server.

We specialize in providing Cybersecurity managed services to small and medium businesses that can help them in defending against the cyber criminals. Team of Fusion Factor continuously monitor your networks and ensures that your system used the latest protection methods.

Along with Cybersecurity services, we assist our clients with Cybersecurity consulting, including cybersecurity training to all the employees and measuring the strength and pinpoint areas of weakness. This showcase data security of your staff and your clients.

Being a San Diego’s best Cybersecurity company, we guard your network, devices and program security, keeping it active and updated. Fusion Factor serves custom Cybersecurity consulting services tailored to suit your business.

We understand that there’s no silver bullet to the many dangers that affect small- or mid-sized businesses like yours. This is why we fine-tune every security solution based on our clients’ servers, networks, applications, and devices.

Get your foot in the door with clients by leveraging dark web, simulated phishing, and HIPPA employee training and establish security in an organization to mitigate threats before they cause an investigation.

Team of Twenty3 have an expertise in advance network security solutions, ensuring strong protection and a good night’s sleep.

  • Our team continually works in fetching data to identify threats and provides insight into any attack risk or vulnerability.
  • Configuring your systems with multi-factor/ dual-factor authentications and specific tools to reduce down the cyber threats.
  • Our Vulnerability Risk Assessment ensures your system uses the latest protection methods, and your software is up-to-date to reduce cyberattacks.

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