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Twenty3 Corporation provides you with virtualization to ensure that your company’s technology does not take up too much space. We use software that simulates hardware functionality, creating a virtual technology system. With virtualization from Twenty3 Corporation, you do not need to change or add your office space.

Virtualization enables you to become more productive and secure with technology brought to you from Twenty3 Corporation offsite. These virtual programs can improve data storage, server networks, and hardware to better your company’s bottom line. You will not need to add new hardware and equipment to your office, saving on space.

Virtualization ensures that your IT systems are efficient. We offer different virtualization types, including network, storage, server, data, desktop, and application virtualization.

Network Virtualization

We combine the available resources in a network, splitting up the bandwidth into channels. The channels are independent of each other, and we can assign or reassign each of them to specific servers in realtime. Virtualization aims to disguise the network’s true complexity, splitting it into manageable parts – the same idea with partitioning your hard drive for easy management of files.

Server Virtualization

We use a specific software application to divide your server into unique and isolated virtual servers. The virtual servers can then run operating systems on their own, making them independent of each other.

Server virtualization saves users from having to understand and engage in the management of the complicated details of server resources. The good thing is that virtualization encourages resource sharing and utilization, granting the capacity for future expansion.

Storage Virtualization

We take care of your storage devices by pooling them together to make them appear as a single storage device. Our storage virtualization engine carries out identification of the available storage capacity from various storage media, conducts aggregation, management, and presentation to applications. Typically, multiple storage devices can be from multiple vendors and networks.

Application Virtualization

We conduct application virtualization, which enables a user to access and use an app from a separate computer – separate from the one the app is installed. Generally, the user will have the same experience with the virtual app as someone using the app on the device it is installed. The result is that someone can use Linux software on Windows and vice versa, eliminating the need to buy another machine.

Data Virtualization

We enable the creation of a logical data layer that integrates all your data and manages it in a central system. The idea is to have a centralized security and governance system for all your data. It makes it easy to develop a system for resiliency, tailor-made to meet your business needs.

Desktop Virtualization

Our desktop virtualization services enable you to access your desktop from any other device. In short, it is the virtualization of a workstation and not just a server. With the workstation running in a data center server, it is more secure and portable. You can access your workstation remotely.

Does your company’s technology simply take up too much space? Have you wanted to update your IT, but are convinced there isn’t enough room?

To fix that, Twenty3 Corporation offers Virtualization. With it, you can eliminate the need to change your office space and enjoy all the technology you need – virtually.

With Virtualization, you can become more productive and secure with technology that is brought to you from offsite by Twenty3 Corporation. These virtual programs can improve areas like data storage, server networks, and hardware to better your company’s bottom line.

With Virtualization, you’ll eliminate the need to add new hardware and equipment to your office atmosphere, while building more hard drive space for your company’s IT needs

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